Lending Library

The Chicago River Schools Network maintains a lending library of books and videos related to water, rivers, watersheds, and local flora and fauna. They are available to everyone; however, their purpose is to assist teachers, and so teachers get priority.

The catalog links below will give you a full list and description of materials in our library. All materials can be borrowed for up to two weeks (or longer if they are not requested by another teacher) and must be picked up and dropped off at our offices.

Friends of the Chicago River
411 South Wells Street, Suite 800
Chicago, Illinois 60607

CRSN Lending Library

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How do I borrow library materials?

Once you have decided what items you would like to borrow from us, please complete the EQUIPMENT LOAN FORM and send it to our education staff or fax: (312) 939-0931) before you come by to pick up you materials. This way we can get your requested materials together. Let us know how long you wish to borrow the books, field guides, videos and/or CDs. You will be responsible for returning them to us when they are due, and for replacing any damaged items.

Poem by Owen, age 6, Harper School

"I was walking along the Chicago River.
When I saw trash on the river,
I was sad."